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Pricing & Services
Regular House Cleaning - Starting at $75
The most popular choice among home owners, weekly or fortnightly maintenance cleaning is the best way to ensure your house is kept in pristine condition on a regular basis. This service is dispatched at a fixed price, and is completely customizable to your liking.

When you book a free in-home cleaning audit, we will meet you at your home on a date of your choosing to chat about your cleaning needs and provide you with an exact quote.

For a general reference, a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home will usually cost between $120 and $150 to clean - but if you have not had a professional cleaner before, the first initial clean may cost up to $210 due to a build-up of dirt, dust, and grime.
Vacate Cleaning - Starting at $350
If you're moving in or out and need the place looking like it had just been built - this is your best option to ensure absolute perfection when vacating your property.

Please book a free in-home cleaning audit or enquire directly if you are in need of a vacate clean. A fixed quote will apply starting at $350 depending on the scope of the clean.
Window Cleaning - Fixed pricing
Are you constantly bugged by discreet smudges and scuff marks on windows throughout your home? It may be time to have them professionally cleaned.

Window cleaning is available as a standalone service or an add-on in conjunction with regular house cleaning. Use our online booking system to schedule a free in-home cleaning audit so that we can meet with you to chat face-to-face and provide you with an appropriate quote.
One-Off Cleans - Fixed Quote
For a one-off deep clean, we will need to assess the current state of your home via our free 20 minute in-home cleaning audit to determine how much it will cost to achieve your desired result.

If you're not in the market for a regular house cleaner but would like to have a single deep clean to bring your home back to a finer quality, schedule a free in-home cleaning audit now and discover how we can help you.
Deep Bathroom Cleaning - Fixed Quote
Your bathrooms are the most susceptible areas for dirt, grime and pathogens to build up - and they can accumulate fast.

If a full house clean is not a priority, but you would still like to keep your bathrooms fresh and sanitary, a one-off or regular deep bathroom cleaning may be the way to go. This service is available at a fixed rate, so please inquire about arranging an in-home walk-through to recieve your free quote.
Find The Right Maintenance Cleaning Package For You
These prices are not firm and may differ depending on the size of your home and additional customization choices.
With a wide range of house cleaners on the market, it can be hard to choose who to go with. We'll try to make that decision easier for you.
Here's 22 Reasons To Clean With Enhanced
  • We are fully police checked cleaners - you know your home is in safe hands
  • Covered by a $5,000,000 insurance policy
  • Our industry-leading guarantee ensures you'll receive the best clean possible EVERY time
  • ​Our online booking system makes it easy for you to book a clean within seconds - no more back-and-forth on the phone trying to organize a date to receive a quote
  • ​With our Enhanced Bio-dynamic Home Cleaning Checklist, you can rest assured knowing we never miss anything in our cleaning process
  • ​Your stress levels will plummet. Having a professionally cleaned home can actually decrease your cortisol levels by up to 68.4%!
  • ​You'll have the same cleaner servicing your home EVERY week - most cleaning companies will dispatch different cleaners to you all the time
  • ​We don't have a team of staff, vehicles on the road, nor a premises - therefore we are able to cut our costs for you due to low overhead expenses.
  • You will receive professional analysis on your home's indoor air quality - giving you peace of mind knowing your inside air is healthy, and what to do if it's not
  • ​We are very affordable and provide immense value with our free added cleaning systems
  • ​You are able to customize every clean to your liking. You have complete control over what goes on in your home
  • ​Cleaner to client confidentially is key. Many cleaners will gossip about what goes on in your home. We do not
  • We implement the latest health and psychological research findings into our process - helping your live a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • ​You will always return to a beautifully cleaned home that'll leave you feeling nothing but bliss - name a better feeling than that!
  • ​We use brand new products on your home every time we clean. Many other cleaners will cross-contaminate your house using dirty rags and brushes from their previous clean
  • ​Our products are environmentally friendly and safe for your pets and small children to be around - no noxious chemicals looming in your air
  • ​Your cleaner will have hundreds of hours worth of cleaning experience and knowledge under their belt, able to deliver an unbeatable service
  • ​If you have a busy schedule, we are very flexible and work around the clock to make your life easier.
  • ​We are always hosting giveaways and giving our clients the chance to win awesome prizes - just for getting their house cleaned!
  • ​Want your house cleaned for free? We offer very generous deals for referrals - you could potentially never need to pay for cleaning again!
  • ​We offer very few services so that we can focus on mastering them. Most cleaning businesses offer a very broad range of services, therefore quality control is minimal
  • We provide value that is matched by no other house cleaner - GUARANTEED.